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"If you tried to give rock'n roll another name...you might call it Chuck Berry" (John Lennon)

"All books have one thing in common - they are truer than if they had really happened" (Ernest Hemingway)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Labour Day Eve Dinner in Singapore 30 04 2010...hot and spicy !

Hi all again!

First of all...'Hauskaa Vappua, kaikille Suomessa!'... It is Finnish language and a bit difficult to explain to my English speaking friends, what does it actually mean. But it is related to Labour Day, however in Finland there are several other things happening during that day as well....that's why...let's just say......Vappua!

My today's dinner cooking was a certain kind of 3 course dinner. Just a normal salad, topped with Feta Cheese and Smoked Salmon. Then secondly, one of my own favorites and actually recipe of my own head...Ikan Bilis (Dried Anjovis), fried with sausages together with chili padi, onion, spring onion, garlic, light soya sauce and sprouts. Then , the main dish...Sambal Stingray....it is really one of my long time favorites here in Asia...really spicy...but some how have so many memories of eating it at Newton Circus Singapore...normally Sunday morning 4am...;)....when I was 'young'...:) Anyway, in my opinion it is not an easy dish to cook, but...I must say I was satisfied with the results!
Also, I would like to say and comment, that some people may not like to eat Stingray...because of its beautiful shape and swimming....I agree, to me it is also like Eagle flying in the sea! Yes, its shape has even created a car model...Chevrolet Corvette Stingray..... But, as a defence to myself, it is commonly eaten here in Asia...I would say a tradiotional dish. It is also dream of fishermen to catch it....I know, becauce of I have some Finnish friends here who are relatively 'professional' in fishing...;)
Anyhow, one more thing about the Stingray....I think so, many of you remember Steve Irwin, the famous Australian...the man who was at home with wild animals. Crocodiles, snakes etc. ....He was one time, a couple of years ago, filming, I cannot remember what, but something at The Great Barrier Reaf....and saw some Stingrays swimming there...and he wanted to take film to his young daughter....Stringrays swimming with Daddy. Unfortunately, that was his destiny. Stingray's tail with the sharp spike at the end, hit him straight throw the heart....My fully condolences and respect to Steve Irwin's family, but somehow thinking, maybe it was ment to be his way to die ! There where he love to be...
And....what was the music today.... My choice is Australian band...Firehouse....I dedicate this song to Steve Irwin...Yeah, I know,...song is actually a lovers' song, but I would this time convert it to Steve Irwin's love to the nature and animals...we all need it ! Vappua! Enjoy !

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 29 04 2010 lunch in Singapore

Hi !

It is Thursday. To my friends in Middle East weekend is starting/ongoing, as there Friday is 'Sunday'. So, buddies there...have a nice weekend ! In here Asia, we are coming closely behind tomorrow.

Just about my lunch here in Singapore today...'Indian Bee Hoon Goreng'...topped with fried egg. Not maybe a healthiest choice, as everything is fried in oil and even the egg included. But, it is good once again...and nicely spicy, becauce of chili sauce is mixed into the noodles while frying them. Name of the food actually comes from mix of languages (correct me someone, if I'm wrong). Ok, it is 'Indian' style, 'Bee Hoon' comes from Chinese - thin white noodles, and 'Goreng' is Malay and means fried. Yam...not bad...and 3.70SGD (1.85 Euros).

And...how about the music...maybe, because of it is a weekend in Dubai...where I recently was working. Let's rock a little bit...;)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday 27 04 2010 lunch

Hi again !
First off all happy birthday to my long time friend back in Finland, already from the childhood, the man who was a long time ago nicknamed 'Sukka'. I think so men do not need to 'hide' their age...so I'll published it. 43 years...and still going strong...have a good day buddy !

As lunch today, I was again having it in a local 'coffee shop'. This time 'Fish ball noodles (dry)'. It includes also some minced pork , mushrooms and vegetables. It is served either soup or dry, I personally like more the dry version with chili sauce mixed to noodles. Soup is then served separately, as you can see in the photograph...or actually it is just the water where all ingredients were boiled and then you add there some pepper and spring onion...but it's good! Then in the below photo you can also in a small 'bowl' cut chili padi in soya sauce. Eventhough, I am a chili lover, as I have mentioned before. But this one, I only dip the fish balls in there and do not eat the chili padi. Even after 15 years in Asia, it is too 'tough' for me. But many local people eat them like pickles..;)....What was the cost of this today's lunch... 3.00 SGD (=1.50 Euro)....so, for me very reasonable and good food...one of my favorites!

Here is one link, if someone wants to try to cook this :

And...what the music today...somehow my mind was in Hollywood...maybe I was dreaming something...;) I've been there three times, for me it is a big theathre..people looking for the dreams and maybe one from ten thousand will come true....but man must have a dreams...that's why we are living for !

Good day to all of you !


Monday 26 04 2010 lunch

Hi !
I decided to 'enlarge' this my blog also to introducing of local dishes in Singapore...or where ever I am working or just travelling. That's why also changed the blog name...Shorestone Food & Rock'n Roll...
This was my lunch today here in Singapore. 'Wonton noodles (dry)' (or Wonton Mee). With dumplin soup and chili (I am a chili lover...!). Had it in a normal 'coffee shop' or 'hawker center', or 'kopi tiam'....whatever you want to call them....there are a lot of names for those eating places. Anyway, it is a really habit in Singapore to eat in these places or buy a take way to home. Food is good, cheap, clean and you can get it basicly instantly. I know, people in Singapore are saying that prices are getting higher...yes that's true...but this lunch 2.50 SGD (=1.25 Euros), I believe still, that my friends back in Finland are jealous....;)
I have never cooked this personally. Maybe one day need to try and also, if you're interested in see this link : http://www.malaysianfood.net/recipes/recipewontonmee.htm

And...what about the music...Ok, I did not have my ear phones with me...but if I would eat it at home, it would be....
I don't know, but somehow this song was in my mind...Sorry to my English speaking friends, it is in Finnish language...enjoy....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday 25th April 2010 morning

Good morning everyone...where ever you are. Sunday is a time to relax...ok not in the Middle East, where I was recently working. There the Friday is 'Sunday'...but as we say in Finland, 'in a country...in country's way'...that's it.

I wanted today to make a thin pancakes for breakfast, because my kids and nephew like them a lot. This is definately not a healthiest breakfast...but Sunday morning need to relax...as I already said. You can't always count on your calories....;)
- 2 eggs
- 2 dl cream
- 4-5 dl milk
- 3 -4 dl plain flour
- 2 table spoon food oil
- 1 tee spoon salt
Mix all ingredients together and make paste. Start cooking. Fry them on both sides. Do whatever size you want, I made today middle size...I would say. During frying, when you turn the pancakes...a real master will turn them by throwing the pancake on the air and let it 'land' back to the fry pan on the other way round. I tried it once...but the result was not very succesfull...so I decided to stay on the 'traditional ' way of turning them with a frying 'spoon'...:) As a side dish we were using vanilla sauce and blueberry jam. For the side dishes there are of course a lot of varieties. Syrup, strawberry jam..or cloudberry (=lakka in Finnish) jam etc. ...hmnnn, unfortunately you cannot get all of them here, especially 'lakka'. But anyway,....try these... they are really good!

And...what was the music on Sunday morning....somehow when I was very relaxed, I wanted to go back to 1970's...and listen the legend band... Hurriganes from Finland...especially their ballads...enjoy!



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Salmon and prawns cooked in red wine

Salmon and Prawns cooked in red wine a'la Shore
- Salmon fillet approx 500 grams
- Prawns, middle size, 8-10 numbers
- 1 Onion
- Mushrooms 1 tin
- 1 Capsicum (paprika)
- Garlic, lemon pepper, oyster sauce for taste
- Butter and plain flour for sauce
- Red wine about 2-3 dl (of course it is up to chef....sometimes need more for itself...'internal improvising'...:)...)

Make a butter and plain flour paste first. When ready, move it to the bowl for later sauce cooking. Add peeled vegetables/mushrooms to the pan...secret of taste oyster sauce, add a bit it in. When vegetables are a little soft...add salmon and prawns...AND RED WINE. Let it cook about 45-60 minutes in a low heat, sometimes stirring it. After it, sift the sauce out and use it for sauce with butter/plain flour paste. If it is too thick or strong of taste add a bit water...like I did.
I must say, this is not a easy dish to prepare and the taste also...red wine sauce...honestly saying not even my favorite. I am more cream man...:). But, I was very happy that my 12 years old nephew eat it like crazy. That made a cook Shores smiling!
And....what was the music today... Somehow, this 'red wine thing' made me a bit romantic and I felt to have a slow and relax backround music... I have never been in this country or even in the continent...yet...but one day in future...I will...
Also, need to say that there are tens of versions of this song..I just happened to found out this Chinese singer version...good!

Friday 23 04 2010 - 'Lihakeitto' - Finnish meat soup

I was yesterday night cooking a traditional Finnish meat soup, 'lihakeitto'. I really did not like this dish in my childhood, because of the bones inside the soup. Only now, when older understand the main thing of the soup are those bones....that's the whole taste ! Potatoes, carrots, onions, spring onion and leek. And meat with bones, I was using pork, can be also beef, someones even use lamp. Secret of taste whole size black peppers, concentrated chicken stock and a little bit Tabasco.. Start first boiling the meat...and add peppers, chicken stock & Tabasco. When meat is cooked, sift it and use the same 'juice' for boiling the root vegetables. Add the cooked meat in again and let it cook in low heat about 5-10 minutes....
It is good..I guarantee !

...and what was the music yesterday...I don't know does this actually belong to this dish, but somehow it sounded good on Friday night...from late 1970's and early 1980's...from my youngster days...!