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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chicken Rice a'la Shorestone...

Hi again !

I had last night again a quite 'nervous' cooking. I decided to cook Chicken Rice...the world's most eaten dish...and people here in Asia are very particular about the taste of it. Anyway, I took the risk, everything or nothing, that has been my life style also already many years. I had my wife and also my brother in law with his wife as a jury. Truly Asians all of them. Like I said, I was nervous and sweating...;) But, I can say already in this part of story...I survived!

What do you need :
- One whole chicken (I used the frozen one from supermarket, 1100 grams and how strange it may sound, I am in Singapore and chicken was imported from Brazil...quite a long 'fly' for poor chicken..:) )
- Ginger
- 1 onion
- Garlic
- Spring onion
- Soya sauce
- Sesame oil
- Chicken stock (either cubes or liquid one)
Peel the ginger, onion, garlic and spring onion. Wash the chicken. Insert all ingredients into the chicken and add some soya sauce and sesame oil. Boil the the water, which is spiced with chicken stock. When water is boiling, bring the heat down, that boiling will stop. Put the chicken with ingredients inside to the hot water, breast side down and some spring onions to the water. The main thing for this dish is : DO NOT BOIL THE CHICKEN. Keep it in the almost boiling water about an hour with pot cover on. Couple of times stir a water a bit, but do not harm the chicken. After about an hour, take a chicken carefully out from the pot and cut it to nice pieces. I must say, that in this part I needed my brother in law's wife help to cut it. I did not have any experience how to cut the chicken...:) Use the boiling liquid for cooking of rice and use it also as a side dish, 'soup'. serve the rice and chicken with fresh tomatoes and cucumber (unfortunately, I did not have it) and chicken rice chili sauce. This dish is perfect man..I promise!

And music...For me Chicken Rice is A Chinese dish, all though it is eaten in many other countries as well and it has many different varieties. My first touch to the Chinese culture was in 1995, just before I came to Singapore. I was in my first trip to United States and I visited Chinatown in San Francisco. There started my lifetime love for Chinese food. So, music...my friends if you'll go to SF remember flowers....;) Enjoy!


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